Teacher’s sessions

Short-term joint staff training

15-19.10.2018 in Tarsus-Mersin, Turkey

Teachers made an initial diagnostic assessment of needs and strengths after the setting of local teams, exchanged know-how about Augmented Reality, learning in museums, educational robotics, 3D printing, Design Thinking and Phenomenon Learning. Defined, tested and refined a study visit in Maritime Museum of Mersin. Prepared collaboratively the methodology mini-guide framework and lesson plans for the activities by using Design Thinking approaches and Gamification Model Canvas for education.


The team of teachers agreed the graphic style of the avatars and the number of polygons of the objects to be 3D printed, and also decided to build robots. They prepared the framework for the initial test set of questions, answers and riddles related to English skills and STEM subjects to be refined in the following stages of the project. Also defined rules and deadlines for logo competition
Initial team building activities were core to make the most of future collaboration and set the tone for the following project meetings.

Teacher’s visit to museum

25-27.08.2021 – online, Sant Andreu de la Barca

Teachers from every partner school met online to exchange good practises and know-how on C21 Skills Framework assessment and evaluation procedures to finish the methodology miniguide and also validated the lesson plans created during the project’s life. The training took into account offline and online interactions. Learning sessions were shortened from 5 to 3, including synchronous and asynchronous activities. A certificate of attendance was issued to everyone.

Also the last short-term staff training period in Spain was delayed until the very last week of August 2021, hoping Catalonia region to improve its covid-19 transmission rates, but it didn’t happen. There was a reasonable risk to bring the virus to schools even if staff was vaccinated, so schools decided to don’t allow teachers to travel abroad. Partners decided to move online and to shorten duration of this activity from 5 to 2 days -one day for online interactions and two more days to work asynchronously in a shared document, focusing on the exchanges needed for the production of the methodology mini-guide.

2-4.08.2019 – Hybrid technical meeting to prepare Digital Challenges in Barcelona

Finland, Netherlands and Spain attended a face-to-face meeting in Barcelona, while Turkey, Poland and Greece attended online. This meeting was the starting point of Digital Challenges.