07-11.10.2019 Tarsus, Turkey

The second project year started in the historical city of Tarsus. The inspiring historical figure was Piri Reis , known by his very accurate charts and maps collected in his Kitab-ı Bahriye (Book of Navigation), and the object to be collected was the minelayer Nusret

Study visits of high educational value were the inspiration to learning activities like the open air museum and UNESCO Heritage site Göreme, the port of Mersin, the modern, interactive Mersin Naval Museum and , Saint Paul’s Church, Saint Paul’s Well and the Seven Sleepers Cave, a holy place for three religions in Tarsus, and followed workshops on traditional arts.

Monday 07.10.2019

A warm welcome by Çukurova Sanayi Ortaokulu and many icebreaking activities and study visits of high educational value in the history spots of Tarsus set the tone for the learning activities to be performed on the following days. Teachers arranged the materials needed. T-shirts printed with the images and the colours of the monsters created in Finland made easier the performance of the game.

Study visit to Saint Paul’s Well

Tuesday 08.10.2019

Students wrote in groups the questions for the Augmented reality game related to the Mersin Naval Museum and found the 3D print of Nusret minelayer. They achieved a better knowledge of maritime technology and its influence on the everyday items and communications.

Wednesday 09.10.2019

Students and teachers attended traditional crafts workshops in Göreme and visited its open air museum. They tested the geolocation features of Metaverse to track groups of students in very large facilities.

Thursday 10.10.2019

A workshop in a vessel provided the basics of navigation (docking, anchoring, recognizing harbours) and an introduction to the many electronic tools and instruments that can help us navigate safely: Depth Sounders, GPS, Chart Plotters, AIS, Radar and VHF radios.

Friday 11.10.2019

The final activity, the play of the augmented reality game including the questions produced in the Maritime Museum was held in the school. A farewell cerimony and a last teacher’s meeting to plan the next activities to be held in March 2020 were a great ending for a very special week.

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Teenagers report after the learning activities better English, soft skills and cultural understanding of foreign fellows. Mutual learnings coming from collaborative teaching activities are transferred to their schools and every day practise.