O4_3D prints of items

3D designs and prints of the items to be collected in the game

  • The team of teachers will select a common object from the students’ proposal, decide the size and 3D printing procedures and split the making of the different pieces among the schools. This will compose a flying drone managed by a mobile device at the end of the project.
  • Every local hero has to be connected to an invention. i.e. Columbus and the earliest compasses
  • The teachers must agree on the size. The objects will be hidden whenever playing the game.
  • The students must create one simplified 3D object in every country by using Sketchup software. It has to be suitable to be printed in 3D and loaded in Metaverse or similar software for Augmented Reality.
  • A copy of every model must be offered to every partner school to create a exhibition after the end of the project.


The mechanism of Antykithera, ancestor of modern computers.