O1_Game mechanics and storytelling

This video is the storytelling of the project made by students. They worked collaborativelly by answering questions in a quiz form hosted in our eTwinning Twinspace, and later discussed their findings during the workshops in Greece, Poland and Finland, as some of them were common to the Cybersecurity Recommendations Handbook from Teenagers to Teenagers.

Teachers used this presentation to give context to the game prior to be played, but after some technical difficulties (it’s a huge challenge to get 50 international students paying attention to a foreign teacher in an outdoor activity) they decided to include a short introduction in the Metaverse augmented reality game.

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This story wraps the whole project, and gives context to the Metaverse game.

Lesson plan of Storytelling making included in the Methodology miniguide


  • The students choose in every school among their favourite videogames, and explained what are the rules and mechanics that they love the best.
  • Teachers validated game rules after the selection of the best options coming from video games (proposal from students)
  • Teachers gathered student’s conclusions, compilde the rules and created a booklet.


  • Research about the teacher’s proposal of famous discoverers and navigators, and choice of an object related to them. Teachers monitored gender balanced outcomes, outlining the female scientists and discoverers in EU history.
  • The students choose what was their local hero be and their facts from teacher’s proposal.

Creation of categories and avatars

  • The students created a simplified digital avatar (LowPoly) of their local hero in 2D and 3D by using Sketchup software. It was suitable to be printed in 3D and loaded in Metaverse for Augmented Reality.