Netherlands online meeting: from 10 to 12th May 2021

Students’ infopack (download here)

Icebreaking activities

Write your answers in the padlet. Only post your introduction answers on the day of your exchange. (click the image to enter)

Virtual study visits

We have different quests and challenges for each day, which will be provided during the meetings. Keep an eye on the chat of the meeting!

During the plenairy session: keep your airtime concise, speak clearly. Make sure to be prepared by having read all the info for the ONLINE parts and have answers for the Icebreaking games.

During the sub-group work: feel free to speak up. You can’t prepare so much in advance, so if any thing is unclear, make sure to ask questions.

10th May -Monday

Virtual visit to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


12th May – Tuesday

Virtual visit to the Maritime Museum, Amsterdam


13th May – Wednesday

Virtual visit to the Groninger Museum


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