Digital Challenges Poland

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Learning week agenda in Gdansk, Poland

Hosted by X Liceum Ogólnokształcące Dwujęzyczne im. Lecha Bądkowskiego w Gdańsku Greeting at school. Keep it safe – ppt and tasks.

11.00  12.00Integration games

12. 30- 13.00Lunch at school 

14.00 – 16.00Visit to ECS European Solidarity Centre – Keep it safe. Escape Room

11.00-13.00Meeting with former President Lech Wałęsa – leader of Solidarity Movement and Nobel Peace Prize 1983

13.30Lunch at school

15.00-16.30Guided tour in Gdansk. game in the centre of GdanskLunch – Pierogarnia

15.00-16.00Visit to II World War Museum

02.06.2210.00 -14.00Meeting at XLOD. Visit to Gdynia and Sopot

15.00Lunch in Sopot

17.00Visit to Jumpcity

03.06.22 8.15 9.15Meeting at school, trip to Stuthoff Concentration Camp Museum (by coach)

13.00 13. 30Lunch at school 

14.30- 16.30Bowling in Metropolia Shopping Mall. Farewell

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