15-19.10.2018 Kamaterou-Athens, Greece

Teams got the project started in Greece, motherland of many early important european inventors and discoverers. The inspiring historical figure was Archimedes, and the object to be collected was the mechanism of Antykithera, ancestor of modern computers.

The learning activities were inspired by study visits of high educational value to the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient GreekTechnology in Athens, Grammi History&Science Museum in Corinth, the sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus , the archaeological Sites of Mycenae and the Tiryns and of course the Roloi Xristou, considered as the first clock in the world and the archeological site of Acropolis in Athens. The play of the game took place in the Hellenic Maritime Museum of Athens.

Monday 15.10.2018

Teams introduced their schools and students started collaboration to produce the recommendations guide for teenagers about cibersecurity. Groups aimed to balance lesser and better English performers after an initial diagnostic, and they worked in templates stored in the cloud (Google Drive). This was the starter for team building, that proved very good.

Production of recommendations guide for teenagers

In the evening a superb classical theater play, Antygona was performed by Greek students in front of nearly 100 members of the local educational community.

Classical theater

Tuesday 16.10.2018

Teams got inspiration for the following project activities from study visits to Grammi technology museum, Posidonia and Epidavros museum. Students performed Antygona play in open air Epidavros theater to test ancient techniques to amplify sound.

Antygona in Epidavros

Wednesday 17.10.2018

A superb study visit to a new built, modern museum, the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient GreekTechnology, and its educational workshop gave context to the project’s whole approach, and to the following visit, Roloi Xristou, considered as the first clock in the world. The Acropolis archaeological site was a brilliant closure for a great day.

The first clock in the world
Roloi Xristou

Thursday 18.10.2018

Teams visited Mykines museum and archaeological place. An unexpected event, a bus wheel puncture, and very bad wind conditions forced us to cut the study visit plan for the sake of security.

Friday 19.10.2018

It was only possible to schedule Friday for the study visit to Hellenic Maritime Museum and the play of the game, so teachers decided to ask students to write questions related to the exhibition for the game, and include them later. The augmented reality game was based in questions provided by students and refined by teachers.

Dimensions and features of the exhibition forced to test the game sitting in chairs, and the object (mechanism of Antykithera) delivered directly to the winners instead of being hidden.

A lovely European Evening with families, school community and teams was a beautiful closure for a highly enjoyable week.

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Teenagers report after the learning activities better English, soft skills and cultural understanding of foreign fellows and the roots of European culture and heritage. Teachers also exchanged good practise and observed classroom development in 1 Kamaterou Gymnasium. Mutual learnings coming from collaborative teaching activities are transferred to their schools and every day practise.