06-10.05.2019 Helsinki, Finland

Hermann Spöring Jr.

The first project year had a brilliant closure in Helsinki. The inspiring historical figure was Hermann Spöring Jr. and the object to be collected was the submarine Vesikko.

The learning activities were inspired by study visits of high educational value to open air museum and UNESCO Heritage site Suomelinna Island Fortress, the Oodi Helsinki library awarded as the best public library in the world, the games exhibition From dice to bytes – 200 years of Finnish gaming in the National Library of Helsinki, the Fazer chocolate factory Experience visitor center, and the Vallisaari Island where the play of the game took place.

Monday 06.05.2019

Teams introduced their schools and students started collaboration. Groups rallied Helsinki city guided by Finnish students after lunch in international teams to make the most of teambuilding before the start of project activities.

Tuesday 07.05.2019

International teams produced and validated the recommendations guide for teenagers about cibersecurity, recording themselves in a public performance. Groups aimed to balance lesser and better English performers after an initial diagnostic, and they worked in templates stored in the cloud (Google Drive). Netbooks revealed to be the best tool to perform group work. After lunch teams departed to Suomelinna Island Fortress, focusing in maritime history and innovations to produce museum questions to be inserted in the Metaverse game.

Teachers and international teams working in preparations of questions in Suomelinna museum.
Creation and validation of Cybersecurity Recommendations Handbook

Wednesday 08.05.2019

After project work to design the covers of the robots that will battle in Netherlands and the 3D models, teams headed to Fazerila chocolate factory and later to Porvoo village to discover how sea trade has influenced our everyday and customs.

Workshop to design robot monster covers

Thursday 09.05.2019

Teams headed to Vallisaari island to take a guided tour, while a digital beacon was signing where was hiding the 3D Vesikko submarine model. The trip took place in the historical veasel Svanhild, where students learnt some traditional seacraft techniques and deck skills.

Dutch and Finnish coordinators hiding the 3D print and digital beacon

Friday 10.05.2019

Students were playing the augmented reality game including questions taken in the museum and attended classes, while teachers prepared the draft of the intermediate report and agreed the continuation of the partnership to apply for a new project. A evening party with parents and an award ceremony closed the meeting week.

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Teenagers report after the learning activities better English, soft skills and cultural understanding of foreign fellows. Teachers also exchanged good practise and observed classroom development in OYK school and better understanding of Finnish educational approaches, considered among the best in the world. Mutual learnings coming from collaborative teaching activities are transferred to their schools and every day practise.